Project Description



Working with the guys at ‘Rockfield’ is always great fun, with so much of my work now being created ‘digitally’, it’s nice to pick up a pen and marker pad, ‘brain storm’ lots of ideas, then go away to pull a campaign together, creating headlines, words and hand drawn scamps or marker visuals.

The frames below are taken from a TV Campaign storyboard created for a well known high street ‘Outdoor Clothing and Equipment’ brand. Working with the agency Creative Director, who, as part of the brief, had already written the killer tagline, I created a campaign that focused on a specific key demographic, pulling the words together and creating the hand rendered marker visuals and illustrations that were to form the final campaign storyboard.

In a slightly bemused but appreciative way the businessman talks directly to camera, silence in the background.
Maybe one day?’ a subtle smile returns to his face, a look of knowing and excitement as he continues his message direct to camera, still silence in the background. …’but not today my friends, not today!
Our business man is now a rock climber, we cut back to him as he nears the top of his climb. The camera is focussed on his face sending the bottom half of his body and the immediate foreground into soft focus. He continues to haul himself upwards reaching for the summit. He is covered in sweat, it is a hot humid day, ropes are pulled tight ready to support his weight should the need arise. For a split second we catch his eye and for the briefest of moments we are there with him on the rock face. He then continues his climb focussing on every hand and foot position upwards.
The camera cuts back to story one, we now see our businessman as a cyclist, the sky is dark and thunderous with rain in the air. The businessman is wearing the latest Gore cycling rain jacket and leggins and is out of his saddle, performing well in the dark and stormy environment.



As part of an overall digital presentation, the addition of hand rendered visuals can help focus the client on the ‘creative’ as opposed to the detail of the finished marketing component. In a pitch situation or a presentation where the focus is more around ‘concepts’, hand drawn visuals allow clients to use their own vision to buy into the ideas being presented.

The visuals below were created as part of a presentation to an up and coming clothing brand. Photography ideas, marketing concepts and advertising creative. I was more than happy to assist the team, contributing ideas and creating the final drawings and visuals.



‘Story writing, design and hand rendered marker visuals, created  for a ‘Roy of the Rovers’ styled comic / printed direct mail piece, promoting ‘Fanklapper’ give aways to premiership football clubs and to other sporting venues across the UK, to help ramp up the volume and encourage supporter participation.

4 games in and Donchester Rovers are second from bottom. The next home game sees the team play better, but the defence loose focus and the away team grab a last minute equaliser. Oh no!
 Come on Donchester fans, Now’s your chance to make a difference!
As the season progresses and with the help of the fans, Donchester Rovers get into the habit of winning. A 3-0 win at Chessington takes them into the top 6.
What a save from the keeper, The confidence is definitely back. Donchester are on a roll!
The fans do their bit to support the team and the Donchester players dig deep, after an incredible team effort they score in the dying seconds of the game. What a GOOAAAAAL!
Donchester Rovers and the twelfth man, Victory in the hands of the fans, official Fanclapper edition. Kids love them, builds atmosphere, makes a racket.